Laetitia Rutherford

Literary Agent

Laetitia represents a wide variety of authors, reflecting her many interests and broad publishing background. In Fiction, Laetitia is particularly looking for  outstanding literary novels; crime and thrillers; and reading group page-turners. ‘In Crime and Thrillers, I would love to find one really stand-out returning series, with an unforgettable lead and ideally a resonant and unusual setting, and would also love to represent a suspense writer with a voice we can’t stop listening to, who can tackle relationships and questions of morality in challenging ways; a writer you would gift for a friend from Waterstones as well as race through on your kindle. If there is one characteristic that stands out in my taste in Fiction, beyond a love of cracking story-telling, a strong sense of structure and brilliant characters, it’s a certain edge – of grit, humour, darkness, or all of these, that makes your writing jump off the page and has the reader hooked to the story while thinking beyond it.’

In Children’s and Young Adult writing, Laetitia is looking for voice above all, underpinned by hooky ideas, and loves a strong and emotional sense of place. In Non-Fiction, Laetitia goes for popular, contemporary subjects, loves an engrossing personal Memoir, and is particularly growing in the Lifestyle area – including parenting, and all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Laetitia grew up in London and holds literature degrees from Oxford and from Goldsmiths Universities. Her career in books started as a Marketing Executive for Fiction at HarperCollins, giving her a strong foundation in how publishing works and hands-on experience of how to run smart campaigns. She joined the pioneering small independent agency Toby Eady Associates in 2003, becoming a literary agent and later director of the agency. In search of wider commercial experience, she moved to Mulcahy Conway Associates in 2009, expanding her list of literary authors to include genre fiction and commercial Non-Fiction, for example A Friend Like Ben: The Cat Who Came Home for Christmas, which started out as a tabloid story. Laetitia joined Watson, Little in 2013, attracted by its long-standing reputation and its ability to work with authors across so many areas, and with its close set-up with film, TV, theatre and radio agents, to grow each writer’s potential across as many platforms as possible.