Geeta Vara

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

I am often asked how I got involved in Ayurveda and I guess I was involved before I even realised. A born and raised British Indian with an African twist, many of my lifestyle routines and dietary habits were naturally ‘Ayurvedic’ – taught to me as a child by my grandparents. I quickly became curious about our day-to-day rituals and food habits.

After my undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Business, I entered the corporate world and followed a career in marketing for several years. However I had a strong pull towards a more fulfilling life purpose in natural healthcare. This was fast becoming part of my personal development and spiritual growth and I pursued my interest by gaining qualifications in holistic massage and Western diet and nutrition in 1998. Inspired by my Indian roots, I went on to qualify with a BSc and PG Dip in Ayurvedic Medicine from Middlesex University, encompassing several months of clinical training in India. I currently have practices at Drakes of London, Fulham and the Light Centre, Belgravia.

My mission is to inspire my clients to discover their uniqueness and become the healthiest versions of themselves. I am always satisfied watching them transform from illness to wellness. The Ayurvedic journey is not about being perfect, it is about reconnecting to your true self and understanding your natural biorhythms. I choose to focus on integral health care that raises our standard of living as nature intended.

My Mantra – Be Holistic & Optimistic

Geeta Vara’s AYURVEDIC GUIDE TO LIFE was published in June 2018 by Orion Spring.