Tam Omond

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

Tam Omond is an activist, author and cultural producer who uses disruptive actions and mass participation performances to transform public consciousness on environmental, queer and feminist issues. They have worked with a wide range of organisations, from grassroots networks to major cultural institutions. They have published two books: Do Earth, Healing Strategies for Humankind, Do Books, 2021 and Rush: The Making of a Climate Activist, Marion Boyars, 2009 and their essays are featured in The Book of Queer Prophets, Harper Collins UK, 2020; Transtillstånd, High Heel Publishing, 2023 and Burning Rage of a Dying Planet, Microcosm Publishing, 2024. In 2023 they were a resident at Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage in Dungeness. They are currently working on a memoir about the intimacy trans people create with their dead. Through charting queer ancestors and blood lineages Tam has made a constellation where they belong.