James Wills

Managing Director

James looks after a dynamic and wide-ranging list of writers. He has a BA in English and Italian and an MA in 20th Century Literature from the University of Leeds and is a former Secretary of the Association of Authors’ Agents.

James is passionate about reading and good writing. He is hugely enthusiastic about his authors’ work and is always searching for strong storytelling and new, exciting material.

“At the moment, I’d particularly love to see upmarket crime, thrillers and mysteries and addictive, high-concept stories with incredible hooks that refuse to let go. I’m also looking for striking, quirky, character-driven fiction that is gripping, bold and beautifully written.

My interests range from the decidedly off-beat to the unashamedly popular side of popular culture, but I am always looking for writers with an edge who are experts in their fields. I’m keen to read big ideas, sport, popular science, humour and online material. I’d love to find compelling narrative non-fiction that reads like fiction and which tells an amazing story, especially from voices that have not been heard before.”