• World English Language: Endeavour Media
  • Published: 6th December 2019
  • Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

Reckoning Point

JM Hewitt

The unclean will be eliminated. Secrets will be revealed.

Nineteen year old Elian Gould is on the tail of one of her attackers, and finds herself in the badlands near Scheveningen, a Dutch beachside resort. This is a place of neglect; where one would find used needles in amongst broken glass and graffitied walls. This is the place where the Scheveningen Strangler strikes.

Inspector Erik Fons has a crisis on his hands. The bodies of prostitutes are turning up in the normally peaceful Scheveningen. The upper class front is threatened, and the situation becomes personal when Erik’s own fiancée, nurse Naomi Wilson, is attacked and left for dead.

Detective Alex Harvey is searching for Elian and in trying to get Erik to help him locate the missing girl, Alex finds himself drawn into helping with the murder investigation. All the while Elian gets closer to the truth about her family, and the Scheveningen Strangler becomes ever more viscous in their quest to rid the area of prostitution.

Alex and Elian both have devastating choices to make, choices that will change their lives forever. Reckoning Point is a dark, captivating thriller that will have you hooked until the shattering conclusion.