• 7th April 2021

    Out of the Mountain’s Shadow

    A stunning and emotional novel of love and danger, perfect for fans of Lorna Cook and Rachel Hore. A secret from the past with the... more »

  • 14th January 2021

    Along The Endless River

    In the heart of the rainforest, Katharine will fight for her life and for love 1890: When Katharine and her husband, Anselmo, set sail to Brazil to reap... more »

  • 9th January 2020

    The Tomb Builders (India Summers Mysteries Book 4)

    Man fears time. Time fears the Pyramids… The Pyramid of Cheops. The largest and most enigmatic of them all. Possibly the greatest monument of all... more »

  • 9th January 2020

    The Mummies of the Reich (India Summers Mysteries Book 3)

    Nothing can prepare them for what lies at the end of their journey… When a 1000-year-old crucifix is discovered around the neck of a 500-year-old... more »

  • 9th January 2020

    The Vestal Conspiracy (India Summers Mysteries Book 1)

    A 2000-year-old conspiracy is beginning to unravel. When librarian India Summers is asked by a stranger to identify an ancient coin, little does she realise the events... more »

  • 9th January 2020

    The Treasures of Suleiman (India Summers Mysteries Book 2)

    Incomparable riches, like none other in history, are close to being revealed… An email from a dead man, and an encrypted letter from the sixteenth... more »

  • 20th June 2018


    ‘The most exciting book I have ever read’ Arthur C. Clarke A shocking CIA report confirms Russia has deflected an asteroid on to a collision... more »

  • 20th June 2018

    The Lure

    A signal from space, a conspiracy on Earth. An underground research station in Eastern Europe is suddenly bombarded with rhythmic bursts of subnuclear particles from... more »

  • 20th June 2018


    A secret buried in the Arctic Ice… a secret that could destroy the world. ‘Mindblowing… outrageously exciting’ Literary Review 1944: Near the Canadian border, a group... more »

  • 20th June 2018

    Shattered Icon

    An ancient secret, a modern nightmare. Antique-map-dealer Harry Blake appreciates the quiet life. But when a local landowner asks him to value a four-hundred-year old journal and... more »

  • 26th November 2015

    Roman III – The Wrath of Boudicca

    Britannia – 60 AD. When her husband dies, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni expects Rome to enter into a new power sharing agreement with her... more »

  • 26th November 2015

    Roman II – The Rise of Caratacus

    50 AD The Invasion is over and Roman Legions spread throughout the land, a blood red stain on Britannia. Caratacus has fled south to rebuild... more »

  • 26th November 2015

    Roman – The Fall of Britannia

    Britannia 43AD. The last unconquered stronghold of the Celts and a land of gold and slaves. A dangerous place of men without fear, led by... more »