• 26th August 2022

    The Soviet Sisters

    Two sisters become embroiled in the burgeoning Cold War in this spellbinding novel of espionage, secrets and betrayals Berlin, 1947: good Soviets Vera and Marya... more »

  • 19th August 2020

    Odd Bird

    Simon Selwood is an academic expert on the monogamous sexual behaviour of birds, but hopeless at finding human love. Then he meets Kim, and at... more »

  • 8th October 2019

    Bryant & May – England’s Finest

    The Peculiar Crimes Unit has solved many extraordinary cases over the years, but some were hushed up and hidden away. Until now. Arthur Bryant remembers... more »

  • 8th October 2019

    Empires of Bronze: Son of Ishtar

    Four sons. One throne. A world on the precipice. 1315 BC: Tensions soar between the great powers of the Late Bronze Age. The Hittites stand... more »

  • 24th June 2019

    The Silent Stranger

    After her husband confesses to having an affair, Isabel flees alone to the South of France to supervise the renovation of her brother’s recently acquired... more »

  • 4th June 2019


    After two decades spent in the US, L-J is on a flight back to his native Suffolk to visit family and his childhood coastal home.... more »

  • 28th May 2019

    Alibi For A Corpse (Pollard & Toye Investigations Book 3)

    Dark secrets lurk behind every door… The peace of the English countryside is shattered one August morning by the discovery of a skeletonin the boot of... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – Off The Rails

    They’ve been given just one week to find a killer they’d caught once before . . . Arthur Bryant, John May and the Peculiar Crimes... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – White Corridor

    The unthinkable has happened at London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit. In the bitter depths of winter, a member of the team has been murdered, and everyone... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – On The Loose

    Long regarded an anachronism and a thorn in the side of its superiors, the Peculiar Crimes Unit is to be disbanded. For octogenarian detectives Arthur... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – Ten-Second Staircase

    A controversial artist is found dead in her own art installation inside a riverside gallery with locked doors and windows – the only witness is... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – The Victoria Vanishes

    One night, Arthur Bryant witnesses a drunk middle-aged lady coming out of a pub in a London backstreet. The next morning, she is found dead... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – The Memory of Blood

    The defenestration of a ruthless theatre impresario’s young son was definitely not the best way to end the play’s first night party. And the crime... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – The Invisible Code

    Two small children are playing a game called ‘Witch-Hunter’. They place a curse on a young woman taking lunch in a church courtyard and wait... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – Seventy-Seven Clocks

    ‘The newspapers referred to it as the case of the seventy-seven clocks. There was quite a fuss at the time. We got into terrible trouble.... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    Bryant & May – The Water Room

    Originally built to house the workers of Victorian London, Balaklava Street is now an oasis in the heart of Kentish Town and ripe for gentrification.... more »