• Audio: W F Howes
  • World English Language: Endeavour Media
  • Published: 20th June 2019
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

The Silent Stranger

Aileen Izett

After her husband confesses to having an affair, Isabel flees alone to the South of France to supervise the renovation of her brother’s recently acquired château.

Isabel loses herself in her work alongside the grumpy ex-pat Greg, until one day a beautiful young girl, Eveline, mysteriously appears on the remote grounds, entirely mute and clutching a bullet in her palm. The mystery of her presence becomes even more sinister as Isabel discovers that the house was previously owned by the criminal dictator General Innocence Kumono and his infamous sons. Who is Eveline and what is she looking for?

As Isabel starts to unravel the terrible events that brought Eveline to the château, she uncovers how her own family’s shocking secrets are entangled in the house’s dark history.

THE SILENT STRANGER is an unsettling mystery with a creepy sense of danger at every turn. Perfect for fans of Kate Morton who are looking for a psychological twist.