Iain Sinclair

Agent: James Wills

Born in Wales, Iain Sinclair has lived in Hackney since 1968, working at a London project, moving between poetry, fiction, documentation and film. He has published widely through mainstream and independent presses. His books include the influential ‘Lud Heat’ and ‘Downriver’ (winner of the James Tate Black Prize and the Encore Award for the Year’s Best Second Novel). ‘Lights Out for the Territory’ and ‘London Orbital’ (book and film) helped to revive the cult of psychogeography. Sinclair wrote and directed a quartet of films, made with Chris Petit, for Channel Four. He has made radio documentaries and collaborated on films with Andrew K├Âtting, Grant Gee and John Rogers. More recently, he published ‘The Gold Machine’, an account of tracking his great-grandfather’s expedition to the headwaters of the Amazon in Peru. A new ‘psychobiography’ of the photographer John Deakin will be published in 2024.