Grace Newman

Agent: Megan Carroll

Grace is a passionate romance author who loves nothing more than a spicy romance novel and a good espresso martini. With Grace, readers can expect sassy heroines who shatter glass ceilings in their battles for gender equality and captivating love stories that blur the lines of love and rivalry. 

When she isn’t immersed in the world of romance, you’ll often find her on the racquetball court, where her competitive spirit forgets about her lack of hand-eye coordination, or hiking with her pup Daisy, her most loyal fan and editor.

Currently, Grace is working on her debut romance novel, a fast-paced sports romance that features Georgia, F1’s first female racer in over 40 years, and her struggle to manage her tumultuous PR romance with the grid’s most handsome playboy all while navigating the challenges that come with fighting for success in a male-dominated sport.