The Dungeon House

Martin Edwards

The wealthy owner of the magnificent Dungeon House, Malcolm Whiteley, discovers his attractive wife Lysette is having an affair. Under financial and emotional pressure, Malcolm begins to disintegrate psychologically. Every man in their social circle becomes a suspect. After a disastrous open house barbecue at Dungeon House, Lysette tells Malcolm their marriage is over – and he takes out the old Winchester rifle he had been hiding…

Present Day: Hannah Scarlett’s cold case team are looking into the three year old mystery of the disappearance of Lily Elstone, whose father was Malcolm’s accountant. Their investigation coincides with the disappearance of another teenage girl, Shona Whiteley, daughter of Malcolm’s nephew Nigel, who now resides in the tragic Dungeon House.

Twenty years earlier, Malcolm shot his wife and killed his daughter before committing suicide. But as Hannah’s team dig into the past, doubts arise about what exactly happened on that fateful day twenty years ago.