• Collins Crime Club
  • Published: 23rd June 2022
  • Agent: James Wills

Howdunit: A Masterclass in Crime Writing by Members of the Detection Club

Martin Edwards

Ninety crime writers from the world’s oldest and most famous crime writing network give tips and insights into successful crime and thriller fiction.

Howdunit offers a fresh perspective on the craft of crime writing from leading exponents of the genre, past and present. The book offers invaluable advice to people interested in writing crime fiction, but it also provides a fascinating picture of the way that the best crime writers have honed their skills over the years. Its unique construction and content mean that it will appeal not only to would-be writers but also to a very wide readership of crime fans.

“Aspirant crime writers will relish the tips in Howdunit”
Financial Times
“A must-read for fans of crime writing and would-be authors alike”
Mystery Magazine