• World English Language: Transworld
  • Published: 5th November 2011
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

Katerina’s Secret

Mary Jane Staples (Estate)


1928: Edward Somers, passing the winter at the Hôtel de Corniche on the French Riviera, happens upon a nearby villa within which lives the elusive and beautiful Countess Katerina. Despite the fact she does not seem to be allowed visitors, he manages to forge a friendship and the pair grow closer and closer.

But Edward cannot help but wonder: why is she confined to the villa, guarded by a man with a rifle? Who is observing her with a telescope? Why is she so reluctant to be photographed?

A sinister chain of events unfolds: is Katerina’s life in danger? Must she always be on the run and forced into hiding? Will she ever be allowed to find the love she craves?