• World English Language: Sapere Books
  • Published: 7th February 2019

Step in the Dark (Pollard & Toye Investigations Book 8)

Elizabeth Lemarchand (Estate)

Expect the unexpected…

The peace of the sleepy English town of Ramsden is disturbed when a corpse is discovered in highly peculiar circumstances.

The victim – a young woman – was found at the bottom of the library stairs where she worked with a fractured skull.

But did she fall or was she pushed?

As the local constabulary delve deeper into history of the library at the Ramsden Literary and Scientific Society they begin to suspect a larger conspiracy could be at work.

They enlist the help of Scotland Yard and Detective Superintendent Pollard and Detective Sergeant Toye are put on the case.

What secrets are being hidden by Ramsden’s leading families? Could missing books from the library hold the key to the case?

Or are Pollard & Toye on the wrong track altogether…?

STEP IN THE DARK is the eighth cosy village mystery in the Pollard & Toye crime series: an intriguing police procedural set in rural England.