• Head of Zeus
  • Published: 2nd September 2021
  • Agent: James Wills

Gods of Rome

Gordon Doherty

For one to rule, the other must die.
AD 312: A year of horrific and brutal warfare.

Although outnumbered, Constantine’s legions seem unstoppable as they surge through Maxentius’ Italian heartlands. Constantine is determined to reach and seize the ancient capital of Rome from his rival, yet his army is exhausted, plagued by religious rivalries and on the verge of revolt. Maxentius meanwhile contends with a restive and dissenting Roman populace. Neither general can risk a prolonged war.

When the two forces clash amidst portents and omens in a battle that will shape history, there are factors at work beyond their control. Only one thing is certain: Constantine and Maxentius’ rivalry must end. With one on a bloodied sword and the other the sole ruler of an Empire…

“The Rise of Emperors series is first-rate Roman fiction”
Matthew Harffy
“A page turner from beginning to end ... A damn fine read”
Ben Kane