Pippa Taylor

Agent: James Wills

Pippa Taylor is the ‘weirdly proud’ creator of Craptics – the frustratingly addictive brainteasers that will keep you wanting more even though you’ll have no idea why.

Her first book ‘Craptic Birthdays’ made it to #1 in the Brainteasers charts and, at one point where the world seemed to have gone mad, reached #3 in All Books – smugly nestled between David Walliams and Jeremy Clarkson… what a sandwich.

Aside from spending an unusual amount of time creating dubious word clues – she is also the Executive Producer of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X – which is where the Craptic saga all began. Her role is a mixture of running the show, coming up with questionable features (the proof of which is now in print), and occasionally saying inappropriate things on-air. It is far from a normal life but, by her own admission, she’s not all that normal either, so it’s worked out rather well.

Other than being a radio nerd, Pippa has a of love tequila, is a rather sheepish Escape Room aficionado and is slowly starting to appreciate the fine art of cricket (thanks to the persistent persuasion of her husband, Toby).  Add in a good chinwag, some house and rock music plus a dash of chaos – and there’s the nutshell.

Books by Pippa Taylor