• World English: Sapere
  • Published: 20th September 2018

Death of an Old Girl (Pollard & Toye Investigations Book 1)

Elizabeth Lemarchand (Estate)

How do you solve a village murder when everyone is under suspicion…?

1966, Rural England

Shockwaves are sent through the sleepy village of Trill when a woman’s body is discovered in a local school.

Beatrice Baynes – interfering, overbearing and spiteful – was not well liked. But no one expects a body to be found on their doorstep… And how did the annual festival at Meldon School turn from a light-hearted celebration to a gruesome crime scene?

With the local constabulary completely stumped, Scotland Yard’s Chief Detective Inspector Pollard and Detective Sergeant Toye are called in to investigate.

But the further Pollard & Toye delve into their inquiries, the more complicated the case becomes…

Death of an Old Girl is the first cosy village mystery in the Pollard & Troye crime series by Elizabeth Lemarchand. 

“This is a real genuine police-detective story, and a first-class one at that … altogether I would call this a hundred-per-cent winner.”