Kit Chapman

Agent: Donald Winchester

Dr Kit Chapman is an award-winning science journalist and adventurer. He holds a PhD in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Sunderland, and his adventures have taken him from Russian nuclear bases to the glaciers around Cape Horn, through depths of the Amazon Jungle to around the Formula One racetrack. He has held the world’s rarest object, climbed through the world’s fastest supercomputer, driven the world’s fastest car, and once helped deactivate a nuclear bomb with a sex toy, all in a quest to reveal the world around us.

Kit’s first book, Superheavy, about creating elements, was shortlisted for the AAAS SB&F prize for young adults; his second, Racing Green, about green technology in motorsport, was named the RAC’s Motorsport Book of the Year 2022. He has also written for Nature, New Scientist, the BBC, The Daily Telegraph, The Big Issue, the Nobel Foundation and the Science History Institute, among many others and regularly appears on podcasts, TV and radio shows around the world.