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  • Poland: Albatros
  • WEL: HQ
  • Published: 31st August 2023
  • Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

Three Card Murder

Jenny Blackhurst

One sister is a cop.

The other a con artist.

Both are suspects.

DI Tess Fox’s first murder scene has two big problems. One, the victim was thrown from the balcony of a flat locked from the inside. Two, Tess knows him.

But the biggest problem of all is Tess’s half-sister, Sarah. She has links to the deceased and has the skills and criminal background to mastermind a locked-room murder. But she’s a con-artist, not a killer.

When two more bodies turn up, Tess now has three locked room mysteries to solve and even more reason to be suspicious of Sarah. Can she trust someone who breaks the law for a living, even if she is family?

“I was gripped by this clever, intricate murder mystery”
Louise Jensen
“A clever modern interpretation of a classic locked-room mystery, with two engaging protagonists and an ending I never saw coming”
Faith Martin
“I loved this book! It’s deliciously complex – a mystery that really makes you think, with characters that refuse to be pigeonholed. I turned the last page and wanted more.”
Imogen Clark, bestselling author of AN UNWANTED INHERITANCE
“J.L. Blackhurst brings a fresh, modern twist to the classic locked-room mystery. Three deviously clever impossible crimes propelled me to keep reading late into the night to finish THREE CARD MURDER.”
Gigi Pandian, award-winning locked-room mystery author
“Twisty, tricksy and whip-smart … crackles with tension and humour.”
Marion Todd
“It was a perfect early summer read – a real puzzle box of a story! I especially loved the strident, salty, can’t-live-with-can’t-live-without relationship between the two sisters, the con and the cop...The illusions and the conjuring tricks – which were so compelling! – were slotted into the story as seamlessly as a planted playing card!
“J.L. BLACKHURST must have a degree in Fun Engineering, judging by the way she’s constructed this multi-faceted delight for crime fans. Long cons, grifters, no less than three impossible crimes, conspiracy, serial killing and police procedure – this book’s got it all ”
The Morning Star