• World All Languages: Pavilion Books
  • Published: 2nd September 2020
  • Agent: Donald Winchester

The Wolf Hall Companion

Lauren Mackay

An accessible but hugely authoritative companion to the bestselling Wolf Hall trilogy by Hilary Mantel, published in time for the third and final book in paperback. The real story of Thomas Cromwell, it also works as a concise Tudor history primer, covering the key court and political characters from the books, Thomas Cromwell to Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cranmer to Jane Seymour, Henry VIII to Thomas Howard, and Cardinal Wolsey to Richard Fox. The important places in the court of Henry VIII are covered, including Hampton Court, Tower of London, Cromwell’s home Austin Friars, and of course Wolf Hall. The author reveals not only the real and full history of these people and places but also Hilary Mantel’s interpretation. Family trees, plans of Tower of London and beautiful woodcut portraits are included. In addition to the history of people and places are incisive features on various aspects of Tudor life, from the court scene, the structure of government, royal hunting and hawking, rules of courtly love, Renaissance influences, Tudor executions. A beautiful and insightful book that enriches the reading of the Mantel novels but also provides the most incisive and concise understanding of the reign of Henry VIII, and the profound changes it brought to English life.