The Sentinel

Mark Oldfield

1936, Badajoz: His unit defeated, his ammunition spent, a boy-soldier flees into the hills pursued by Franco’s shock-troops. He will need more than luck to survive the day.

1953, Madrid: Amid snow-bound streets, the head of Franco’s secret police discovers the web of lies burying his past is unravelling. Even for a man feared throughout the city, the truth is a death sentence.

2009, Las Peñas: Forensic Investigator Ana María Galindez unearths a mass grave in a disused mine. Her investigation will disturb forces that have lain dormant for decades.

THE SENTINEL is a spellbinding thriller in a trilogy of rare power and scope that unlocks the dark heart of Spain, weaving past and present together to portray a country still scarred by civil war, still riven by fear and hatred, still plagued by secrets that refuse to die.

“A remarkably accomplished and interesting debut..”
Literary Review
“Superbly told... a remarkable first thriller that bodes exceptionally well for Oldfield's future”
Daily Mail
“Polished and impressive ... [for] fans of Kate Mosse”

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