• World English: Solaris
  • Published: 7th September 2009
  • Agent: James Wills

Decay Inevitable

Conrad Williams

Sean Redman is a failed policeman who cannot escape the job. Will Lacey is a husband who witnesses the birth of a monster. Cheke is a killing machine programmed to erase every trace of an experiment gone horribly wrong… These strands all come together in this dark and visceral fantasy. Decay Inevitable charts the badlands of horrifying dreams and demons, where a black market in unspeakable goods is discovered. A race is on to unearth the secrets of the soul… secrets woven into the fabric of death itself.

Praise for Conrad A. Williams:

“An impressive tour-de-force that ranges from grimy magic realism to outright
horror.” – SFX on London Revenant

“Rivals the nastiest imagery of Edgar Allan Poe.” – Maxim on The Unblemished