• World English Language: Hachette
  • Published: 31st January 2013
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

The Love Book

Fiona O'Brien

Three friends reunited. Three wishes made long ago. And one life-changing book.

On an autumn day in 1981, three schoolgirls write their petitions for love at St Valentine’s shrine in Whitefriar St Church, Dublin. Thirty years later, freelance journalist Vonnie unexpectedly returns home from her life in California and reunites with her two friends: Abby, now married to a plastic surgeon and Diana, a high-powered businesswoman.

As the three friends examine their lives, they learn that finding love was the easy part…it’s what comes afterwards that proves complicated. If they were to do it all again, would they wish for the same things?

“Not something you'll ever want to put down!”
Sunday Independent
“One of the smartest writers of popular fiction around.”
Irish Independent