• World English Language: Hachette Ireland
  • Published: 26th May 2011
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

Without Him

Fiona O'Brien

The dazzling new bestseller from Fiona O’Brien.

One moment, Shelley has everything – three beautiful children, an adoring property magnate husband, and the life of her dreams. Then Charlie’s business empire crashes and he vanishes.

While their privileged beautiful daughters Olivia and Emma have to come to terms with being broke, eleven-year-old Mac refuses to talk about what happened. When Charlie’s estranged mother, Vera opens her doors to the broken family, secrets emerge that reveal there was more to Charlie than meets the eye.

But Charlie’s shell shocked family aren’t the only ones asking questions… The darkly enigmatic Russian billionaire Lukaz Mihailov arrives in Dublin with some unfinished business. What better way to track down Charlie than befriend his pretty and very vulnerable, abandoned wife Shelley…

Is blood is always thicker than water? Maybe Charlie’s family are simply better off without him ….

“One of the smartest writers of popular fiction...a rollicking holiday read.”
Irish Independent
“Witty and warm emotion, mixed with tense excitement, will have you engrossed from the start. Definitely one for the suitcase. Excellent. ”
RTE Guide