• World All Languages: Wide Eyed Editions
  • Published: 21st September 2021
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

How to Greet a Gran

Donna Amey Bhatt

A joyful celebration of grandmothers around the world.

There is no one quite like a gran.

They can be funny, wise, warm – and they come with a variety of hairstyles!

How to Greet a Gran is a tribute to all grannies, everywhere. Each page introduces a different global grandma, phonetically describes how to pronounce her name, and explains a little about traditions in her country. Readers can discover what foods, hobbies, and fashions each gran might enjoy, learn what wisdoms they might share, and find out how to greet each one with love.

This book encourages readers to celebrate and appreciate these special family figureheads and is the perfect gift for grannies and grandkids to share and enjoy together.