• World English Audio: Tantor
  • World English Language: Endeavour Media
  • Published: 22nd August 2016
  • Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

Death at Crane’s Court

Eilís Dillon (Estate)

Death is inevitable, or is it…

George Arrow, a good-looking, independently wealthy and single man of 36, has just been diagnosed with a weak heart. A heart so weak, his doctor tells him, he must go to extraordinary lengths to avoid putting the slightest strain upon it. On his doctor’s advice George packs up his life in Dublin, and boards a train to the Bay of Galway where he intends to live quietly in a hotel and await the inevitable end. On the train he meets John Burden and as they chat, George realises that his new acquaintance is an odious man. So it with some alarm that he realises the very unpleasant John Burden is, just like George himself, about to start a new chapter of his life at Crane’s Court.

As that new life progresses, George realises that all of his first impressions of Burden – that he is a selfish, nasty man – are entirely correct. And George is not the only person who thinks so. For nothing stays secret for long in Crane’s Court. Rumours begin to circulate and resentment builds.

So when Burden is found dead, stabbed through the heart with a kitchen knife, it’s not a matter of finding out why he was killed, but of narrowing down the field of people who wanted him gone. Inspector Mike Kenny must identify the killer, but where to start?

In this world of eccentrics, snobs and ex-convicts, almost everybody has a motive and plenty of them seem unhinged enough to act on it. What is more, it seems that Burden may not have been the only murder victim to die at Crane’s Court. Meanwhile, allegiances are formed, plots are hatched and love starts to blossom. Can Inspector Kenny find the murderer and bring them to justice, before another victim dies? And in the process, what stunning discovery will change George Arrow’s life forever?

With the prospect of another murder growing stronger with each turn of the page, Death at Crane’s Court is a heart-pumping murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very last page.