Trevor Barnes

Kingfisher Knowledge is a ground breaking series for readers hungry for information on today’s hot topics. Lively, engaging text, packed with information, accompanies stunning photographs that enhance each chapter. Amazing, state-of-the-art digital artwork guides readers into the fascinating heart of the subject. This learning adventure does not stop there – information panels throughout lead the reader to further discovery. Each chapter offers website links, book lists, places to visit and career information. Archaeology explores the fascinating science of excavating and examining the debris of centuries of daily human life, from the earliest Iron Age axe-heads to the mass-produced objects of more recent history, and from the smallest Roman coins to the largest archaeological sites. It describes the history and techniques of archaeology, overviews some of the important historical themes and periods on which it has shed light, and includes a section which looks closer at some of the most exciting archaeological sites around the world. The book as a whole introduces readers to the treasure-trove that archaeology offers us, and begins to put it into its wider historical context.

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