• World All Languages: Transworld
  • Published: 15th June 2017
  • Agent: James Wills

The Things We Thought We Knew

Mahsuda Snaith

Ravine and Marianne were best friends. They practised handstands together, raced slugs and went into the woods to play.

But now everything has changed.

Ten years later, Ravine lies in a bed plagued by chronic pain syndrome. And her best friend Marianne is gone.

How did their last adventure go so wrong? Who is to blame? And where is Marianne?

Heartbreaking, bittersweet and utterly unforgettable, The Things We Thought We Knew is a powerful novel about the things we remember and the things we wish we could forget.

“A quirky lovable mystery and a brilliant, heartbreaking debut.”
“A new face of fiction [and] an original coming of age novel.”
“An original heartfelt read by a new British talent.”
“A delightfully fresh voice”
Daily Mail

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