• WAL: Atlantic Books
  • Published: 6th February 2025
  • Agent: Ciara McEllin

The Kings Head

Kelly Frost

It’s 1957 and the Kings – Harry, Tony, Saint, the most fearless girls in N4 – rule the bomb-struck streets of Finsbury Park. The war is over but the real battle’s just begun, as Harry, their unpredictable, prideful, dangerously charismatic leader, decides that the Seven Sisters Road should be theirs too. But this is territory owned by the Sisters, a rival North London gang, and not easily given up. Never ones to back down from a fight, the Kings strengthen their numbers with girls from the local schools.

As football matches morph into moonlit brawls, and scraps in dancehalls glint with weapons, tensions mount. And as the authorities close in, as boys once-conscripted come back to claim what was theirs, there’s no telling what the consequences will be…

Vibrant, energetic, and pulsating with menace, these girl gangs reckon with the rubble of post-war England and will do anything to carve out a piece of the chaos.