• Estonia: Sinisukk
  • Germany: Ronin-Hoer
  • Italy: Fanucci
  • Latvia: Apgads Kontinents
  • UK & BC: Sphere
  • US: Berkley
  • Published: 27th May 2021
  • Agent: James Wills

A Quiet Man (Victor 9)

Tom Wood

The assassin known as Victor is hiding out in a small motel in Canada after a job across the border. A few days laying low and he’ll be gone and leave no trace behind.

He doesn’t count on getting to know a mother and her boy who reminds him of his own troubled childhood. When both vanish, only Victor seems to notice.

Once he starts looking for them, he finds himself at odds with the criminals who own the town. They want him gone. Only Victor’s going nowhere until he discovers the truth and to them he’s just a quiet man asking the wrong questions.

But that quiet man is a dangerous man.