• UK and BC: Bonnier Zaffre
  • Published: 22nd June 2023
  • Agent: James Wills

Rave New World

Kirk Field

As a humble barman at the M25 Orbital raves, Kirk Field witnessed the moment acid house exploded. Inspired by media lies to start writing the truth about what he saw unfolding, Kirk became a ‘raving’ reporter for the clubbers’ bible Mixmag, covering the historic parties from the inside and sending sweat-soaked dispatches from distant dancefloors as the scene expanded across Europe and beyond.

With a cast of characters including Diego Maradona, Timothy Leary, the KLF, Michael Eavis, Genesis P-Orridge, Brigitte Nielsen, Boris Yeltsin, Boy George, Saddam Hussein’s wife, the president of Tunisia, the CIA, the KGB, Dave Courtney, Norman Lamont’s dominatrix and even Her Majesty the Queen, Kirk’s whirlwind account of the golden age of clubbing tells the story of what really happened in the ‘naughty ’90s’, exposing the seedy underbelly of rave culture while also capturing the nostalgic spirit of the era.

Told through a mixture of vivid first-person narrative, surreal insider anecdotes and incisive social commentary, this honest, hilarious and uncensored postcard of hedonism will appeal to anyone who’s ever put their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

“Love this book! It triggers so many memories of the rave era. Thoroughly recommended.”
“Captures the hedonism and humour of the nineties with a laugh-out-loud honesty. The perfect Ibiza holiday read...if you can get it through customs!”
“Funny, intelligent and never sensationalised. Whether you're into the rave scene or not, this is an irrepressible read...starry-eyed and laughing rather than glazed and crazed. 4/5.”
Record Collector
“Never a dull moment.... packed to the eyeballs with vivid anecdotes and a five-star cast list”
Electronic Sound
“(A) Fantastic account of the dance revolution...documented in exhilarating fashion. Rave New World is an intoxicating love letter to one of music's most misunderstood eras ”
Classic Pop
“A wonderful first-hand account, direct from the front-line Kirk Field was right there in the eye of the storm of those early, incredible, halcyon days of Rave. His wide-eyed enthusiasm lights up every page as he blazes through anecdote after anecdote from a truly pivotal time in the UK's cultural history.”
Dave Seaman, Mixmag editor, DJ, producer