• Brazil: Faro
  • Russia: Eksmo
  • Serbia: Laguna
  • UK & BC: Piatkus
  • US & Canada: St Martin's Press
  • Published: 16th February 2023
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

Not That Kind of Ever After

Luci Adams

One damsel + one wolf + many, many, many frogs = DISTRESS

Gloriously fun, romantic and feel-good, discover a 21st century London fairytale with an unforgettable twist . . .

Bella Marble is a true, hopeless, despairing romantic. Above all things, even above her wish to be a writer, she wants love.

But when her beautiful best friend moves out of their flat share to live with the most boring ogre in history, and her perfectly paired parents tell her their own love story is coming to an end, Bella’s illusions of a happily ever after start to shatter. If they can’t find ‘the one’, what chance does she have?

Disenchanted, Bella throws herself into looking for love in all the wrong places. London may be fresh out of knights in shining Armani, but it’s got a surplus of frogs – and as Bella learns, kissing frogs can be extremely fun.

But Bella is forgetting the essential rule of all fairytales.

There is nothing more powerful than a first kiss . . .

“I devoured Luci’s wickedly funny exploration of finding one’s own Happily Ever After, cackling through Bella’s messy, sex-filled quests to satisfy both her personal and her professional life. The backbone of this hilarious romp is an honest female friendship that will tug at your heartstrings. If you’ve ever gone searching for The Fairytale within the hellscape of modern dating, this is for you.”
Alison Rose Greenberg, author of BAD LUCK BRIDESMAID

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