History: The Definitive Visual Guide

Adam Hart-Davis

The definitive 4 million year-old story of human history

History is a visual feast covering everything from our remote ancestors up to the 21st century. With over 3,000 images, you’ll discover the complete story of the people, events, themes, ideas and forces that have shaped human existence from the origins of mankind to Sputnik, Machu Pichu and recent events.

Find out about history’s turning points through eyewitness accounts and biographies that give a personal angle to major events. Explore humankind’s legacy from architecture and artefacts to the big ideas that have changed our world. Examine the effect we’ve had on nature and vice versa. And discover how the past has been unlocked, from interpreting ancient documents to analysing ice cores.

History is a compelling look at human existence and a must-have reference book for the family bookshelf.