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  • Published: 14th May 2020

CBD: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness Paperback

Sarah Brewer

Discover everything you need to know about using CBD to improve your health and wellbeing. In this comprehensive guide, licenced doctor and award winning health writer, Dr Sarah Brewer, takes you through the vast world of CBD. 

A doctor’s guide for using CBD to improve your health

Do you want a natural option for reducing pain and inflammation?
Do you want to reduce anxiety and sleep better?

There is a reason why CBD products are among the fastest growing wellness products in the UK. The health benefits are many – it can help you relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Thanks to its relaxation properties it is also a popular alternative to alcohol.

In an easy and accessible way, Dr Sarah Brewer takes you through the science, research and legislation behind CBD, and explains the difference between medical cannabis, CBD (Cannabidiol), THC and hemp. Armed with all the facts, you will discover the vast usages and benefits of CBD for physical and emotional wellbeing, and learn how to best use it to optimise your health.