• Barn Owl Books
  • Published: 27th July 2007
  • Agent: James Wills

Broken Bridge

Lynne Reid Banks

This is the sequel to One More River. Time has moved on, it is the 1990s and this is the story of Lesley’s Israeli daughter Nilli. The First Intifada is underway and people are being murdered in the streets of Israeli cities. Palestinian anger has overflowed and Mustafa has become a killer, he can see no other way to free his people from Occupation. When Mustafa fails to kill Nilli he becomes a hunted man. This book brilliantly captures the tragedy and hopelessness that has gripped the region and presents both sides with sympathy and balance. There are so few fictional accounts of the Arab/Israeli conflict that Lynne Reid-Banks splendidly readable and well-researched account fills a gap. Short-listed for both the Guardian Award and the Carnegie Medal when first published in 1994.

“This book has integrity, sensitivity, veracity and a pulse-racing narrative. Truly admirable. ”
The Times Educational Supplement