Leila Segal

A brilliantly spare and evocative debut short story collection that explores the heart of Fidel Castro-era Cuba.

‘Segal’s writing is so acute and perceptive that she manages to evoke a full life into even the briefest of them…Most of her protagonists are foreigners: tourists, who have come to Cuba looking for something – sex, community, idealism. Though not overtly political, Segal nonetheless highlights the gap and imbalance of power between people, rich and poor, male and female, tourist and local. Her writing is spare, intense, sensual and visceral. She paints pictures with words and the stories have the immediacy of poetry…This is a stark, unsentimental portrait of Cuba. Those who want an undiluted romantic view may be disappointed, but these stories are so powerful and emotionally true, they make an unforgettable impact. Would that the Bailey or Man Booker Prize judges could recognise Leila Segal’s unique voice.’ – Jewish Chronicle