• 10th July 2023

    Cleopatra Tells All!

    Cleopatra tells her version of events as the ruler of the last ancient Egyptian dynasty. In this hilarious and revealing tell-all, the politically savvy, multilingual,... more »

  • 26th March 2020

    Egyptologists’ Notebooks

    For centuries the beguiling ancient ruins of Egypt have provided an endless source of fascination for explorers, antiquarians, treasure hunters and archaeologists. All, from the... more »

  • 4th July 2018

    Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt

    Egypt boasts some of the most spectacular ancient ruins in the world, scattered across the entire country. Tombs remain a central part of the continuing... more »

  • 6th March 2015

    Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice

    This is an introduction to all aspects of modern archaeology. The text explores: ideas in cognitive and “postprocessual” archaeology; the archaeology of gender and the... more »