Cornerstone Press buys rights in THE SOCIAL BRAIN

Monday 17th October 2022

The Social Brain: The Psychology of Successful Groups by Tracey Camilleri, Samantha Rockey and Robin Dunbar has been signed by Cornerstone Press/PenguinRandomHouse, for publication in February 2023.

The publisher’s synopsis reads: “We humans may be social creatures by nature, but place us in the average team or organisation and our ability to work and co-operate with others all too quickly comes under stress. Trust can prove elusive. Resentments build quickly. Standing out becomes more important than working towards a common goal. It doesn’t have to be that way.

“In this groundbreaking new book, world-leading experts in evolutionary psychology and strategic leadership come together to offer a primer on how to get the best out of our teams. They show how an understanding of our ’social brain’ can help us build productive, successful relationships.

Camilleri is an associate fellow at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and the co-founder, along with Rockey, of Thompson Harrison, an organisation and leadership development consultancy. Rockey is also an associate fellow at the Saïd Business School and was formerly the global head of leadership development at SABMiller.

Dunbar is professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxford and an elected fellow of the British Academy. His books include How Religion Evolved (Allen Lane/Pelican) and Friends (Little, Brown).

Cornerstone editor Nigel Wilcockson commented: “We humans may be social creatures by nature, but our record at a team and organisational level is often shockingly poor. Here at last is a book that explains not just how our social brains tick but how to harness them to make group working both more productive and more satisfying.”


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