• UK & BC: Cornerstone/PenguinRandomHouse
  • Published: 23rd February 2023
  • Agent: Donald Winchester

The Social Brain: The Psychology of Successful Groups

Robin Dunbar

Sam Rockey

Tracey Camilleri

How many people does the ideal team contain? How do groups bond, earn trust and forge shared identities? How can leaders build environments adaptable enough to respond to shocks and still enable people to thrive together? How can you feel close to people if your only point of contact is a phone or a computer?

In┬áThe Social Brain┬áleading experts from the worlds of evolutionary psychology and business management come together to offer a primer on great team working. They explain what size groups work and how to shape them according to the nature of the task at hand. They offer practical hints on how to diffuse tensions and encourage cooperation. And they demonstrate the vital importance of balancing unity and the need for different views and outlooks. By explaining precisely how the ‘social brain’ works, they show how human groups function and how to create great, high-performing teams.