• World All Language: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Published: 19th May 2022

The Book of Non-Binary Joy

Ben Pechey

‘Oh hello darling, and welcome to THE BOOK OF NON-BINARY JOY! This book is here to help you be yourself – free from judgement and expectation – as you unlock more joy in your life. Take my hand, and let’s start your journey of self-love today.’

Whether you are at the start of your journey or have been on the wild ride of gender introspection for a long time, this guide is here to help you thrive as your authentic – and most fabulous – non-binary self. With personal stories, valuable insights and interactive sections, this inspiring book covers a wide range of topics, including mental health, pleasure, fashion, understanding your past, allyship privilege and self-expression.

Written with warmth and unapologetic humour, and with bold illustrations throughout, Ben Pechey has created the ultimate safe space for you to embrace your non-binary life and start living.

“A joy to read.”
Jeffrey Marsh
“I'm so happy this book exists!”
Freddy McConnell
“Full of wit, fun and wisdom!”
Alex Iantaffi