• World All Languages: Headline Review
  • Published: 22nd June 2023
  • Agent: James Wills

The Birdcage Library

Freya Berry

1932. Emily Blackwood, a young adventuress and plant hunter, travels north for a curious new commission. A gentleman has written to request she catalogue his vast collection of taxidermied creatures before sale.

On arrival, Emily finds a ruined castle, its owner haunted by the memory of a woman who disappeared five decades before. And when she discovers the ripped pages of an old diary, crammed into the walls, she realises a dark secret lies here, waiting to entrap her too…

The Birdcage Library will hold you in its spell until the final page.

“A delicious page-turning mystery within a mystery.”
“A twisty treasure hunt of a novel... Utterly beguiling.”
“It glistens with a hint of the danger that lurks within.”

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