Organised Fun for Grown-Ups: Make your own fun for free

Josie Curran

We’ve all been there – stuck at a dinner party when the conversation runs out or on a weekend away with friends when the witty banter is losing its edge. It’s at times like these that we need a helping hand to remember the life-affirming pleasure of spinning our own fun. Alongside nostalgic classics, such as CALL MY BLUFF and CONSEQUENCES, you’ll find tons of new exciting ways to amuse yourselves, including COW SNIFFING, KEBAB-SKEWER DARTS and SLEEPING-BAG SUMO, that won’t cost you a penny and will provide you with hours of organised fun. Whether you’re sitting in the pub on a rainy Sunday afternoon, at a friend’s house on a Saturday night or away for the weekend at a festival, this wonderful compendium of games is brimming with inspiration for entertainment and is guaranteed to turn an average get-together into a carnival of giggling fun.