• Bedford Square Publishers
  • Published: 9th May 2024
  • Agent: James Wills

Hattie Brings the House Down

Patrick Gleeson

Get ready for a thrilling backstage ride in the world of theatre as seasoned stage manager Hattie embarks on a new production at London’s Tavistock pub theatre. Here, the drama doesn’t just occur on stage.

Troublesome directors and fastidious assistants soon become the least of Hattie’s worries as, a week into rehearsals, an actress is found dead backstage on the same day that an extremely valuable theatrical mask goes missing.

Hattie begins investigating both mysteries, all the while trying to keep the dysfunctional cast and crew on track for opening night. As she delves deeper into the secrets behind the scenes, her allegiance to her theatre, cast and crew will be tested to destruction.

Follow this unconventional detective as she delves into the alluring and exquisitely perilous world of the theatre.