• World All Languages: Michael O'Mara
  • Published: 23rd February 2023
  • Agent: Donald Winchester

A Short History of the World in 50 Lies

Natasha Tidd

Taking readers on a global journey through human history, Natasha Tidd examines how lies can change the world around us, from Julius Caesar’s deceptive PR machine to the cover-ups that caused Chernobyl.

From forgeries that created centuries worth of conflict and domination, such as The Donation of Constantine, the Protocols of Zion and the mysterious Testament of Peter the Great, to mass political and press cover-ups including Britain’s Boer War concentration camps, a Pulitzer Prize-winning whitewash of the Ukraine Famine and the infamous Dreyfus Affair in France.

Alongside these are examinations of how our retellings of history can turn fiction into fact, including The Spanish Inquisition’s deceitful legacy. Plus, there is an in-depth look at how historic lies can still impact our lives today, such as the deadly legacy of America’s Tuskegee Experiment.

Meet incredible people, including Jeanne de Clisson who became the fourteenth century’s most feared pirate – all because of a lie.

A SHORT HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 50 LIES details the profound impact of this secretive side of history and shows that the truth really is stranger – and far more dangerous – than any fiction.