• Bulgaria: Info Dar
  • UK & BC: Sphere
  • Published: 7th May 2020
  • Agent: James Wills

A Knock at the Door

Tom Wood

They ask for your husband. They just want to talk. THEY’RE LYING.

Your husband isn’t who he says he is, say the people at your door. Come with us.

Don’t trust them, says a voice on the phone. Run.

Who would you believe?

In this terrifying first psychological thriller by bestselling author Tom Wood (previously published under T.W. Ellis), one woman goes on the run and is forced to question everything she held dear . . .

“Riveting, twisty as all hell, and very, very clever, A KNOCK AT THE DOOR is a rollercoaster ride of brilliance. Tom Wood is a superb thriller writer. ”
Sarah Pinborough
“A KNOCK AT THE DOOR is a riveting, twisty thriller that grips and intrigues from the very beginning. Tom Wood is the real deal.”
Alex North
“Highly original and very twisty . . . this is his first psychological thriller and it's a cracker. ”
Daily Mail
“A thrilling fast-paced story, full of twists and turns.”
Claire McGowan
“Only one thing is certain with this heart-pounding thrill-ride of a novel, and that is nothing is what it seems.”