• 17th October 2014

    A Sister’s Secret

    An impetuous decision to marry has left the young Lady Caroline widowed and with two estates in her name. She is now in a position... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    The Serpent Pool

    They halted close to the water’s edge. This was their destination. This was the Serpent Pool. And here, six years ago, Bethany Friend’s body had... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    The Arsenic Labyrinth

    ‘You’d never believe it to look at me now, but once upon a time I killed a man’ Historian Daniel Kind is finding winter in... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    The Cipher Garden

    ‘I thought you were dead – ‘ In the peaceful village of Old Sawrey, in the idyllic Lake District, Warren Howe is brutally slaughtered with... more »

  • 16th October 2014

    The Coffin Trail

    Oxford historian, Daniel Kind, and his partner, Miranda, both want to escape to a new life. On impulse they buy a cottage in Brackdale, an... more »