• World English Language: Muswell Press
  • Published: 3rd June 2021
  • Agent: Megan Carroll

The Water Garden

Louise Soraya Black

Beside a lake near her home, mother of two Sarah comes across a bench dedicated to a boy who has died in mysterious circumstances. There too she meets Finn, a troubled teenager playing truant from school.

As Sarah pieces the mystery together, an uncomfortable attraction between her and Finn builds, climaxing over one hot summer, threatening to destroy everything. Woven into Sarah’s story are the voices of other women, Maggie the RAF nurse and Flavia the Italian girl, and a family’s secret held tight for generations.

“Beautifully written and very English in its landscape-love, family-love and garden-love.”
Fay Weldon
“I was struck by the remarkably evocative atmosphere… An atmosphere of intense yearning and guilty longings infused with a multi-layered past, that makes for a deeply seductive read.”
Ella Berthoud

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