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  • Published: 26th September 2019
  • Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

The Power of Chowa: Finding Your Balance Using the Japanese Wisdom of Chowa

Akemi Tanaka

The Japanese wisdom of chowa offers a fresh perspective on how to live, and new ways to find balance among the many different directions that modern life pulls us in.

Chowa is a Japanese concept that is often translated as ‘harmony’, but more accurately means ‘the search for balance’. Chowa is both a philosophy and a set of practices that can help us get to the heart of what is most important to us, and change our way of thinking about ourselves and others.

This book will teach you how to apply the lessons of chowa to your own life to better focus on what really matters and cultivate an everyday state of equilibrium and calm that will help you feel ready for anything. Chowa helps us to better balance our priorities and our relationships and find inner strength and flexibility in times of change and difficulty.

Whether you are searching for balance at home, at work, in your relationships or in any other area of your life, chowa offers new solutions and a way of thinking that we could all benefit from, now more than ever.