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  • Published: 26th January 2017

The Book of Mirrors

Eugen O Chirovici


A brutal murder

It’s been thirty years since Professor Weider was found dead in his stately home. With little evidence to convict a suspect, the case has never been solved.

A buried mystery

Now, a partial manuscript has been discovered that reveals three people were at the house that night.

All three clearly remember what happened. But someone is lying…

Already translated into 37 languages, The Book of Mirrors is the perfect novel for fans of psychological suspense and reading group fiction.

“This Romanian author's debut novel in English is an agile and provocative exploration the tricks memory can play.”
Sunday Times
“Chirovici draws his characters well and tantalizes the reader with judiciously timed revelations. A smart, sophisticated murder puzzle sure to please the more literary-minded aficionados of the form.”
“I loved this twisty mind game! The Book Of Mirrors starts with a secret manuscript about a cold-case murder and then uses a host of characters and perspectives to make you look in every direction but at the truth. Who is lying? Is anyone's recall perfect? This isn't just a very clever thriller---it leaves us wondering how much we subconsciously manipulate our own memories to protect ourselves.”
Julia Heaberlin (bestselling author of BLACK EYED SUSANS)
“Intelligent and sophisticated - a crime story told the way Picasso painted pictures. Highly recommended.”
Lee Child

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