i get lost everywhere, you know this now

Wendy Allen

“This is a joyous collection. Galia and Wendy engage in a playful back and forth that is by turns visceral, witty, respectful and admiring, to create a monument to friendship that takes in galleries, Elastica songs, fistfuls of flung gravel, and scores of orgasms. ”
Luke Wright
“I get lost everywhere, you know this now lets us eavesdrop on an intimate, witty conversation between two compelling voices who begin to merge ('Try a new voice she says. I only / want to try on yours'). I wanted to stay in the world of the pamphlet forever. These poems are against guilt, pro-red-lipstick. They're against being ordinary, against denial, against settling. They're pro-coffee, pro-fuck, pro-tenderness, pro-bookshelves, pro-admiration. They're against grandstanding, pro-concision. They're a delight to spend time with.”
Helen Mort
“These are perfectly poised, erotically charged and crucially glamorous poems. The excitement of new love and possibility, finding a place among equals in the galleries and libraries. I found it really uplifting and beautifully written, as the best collaborations are. It has the intimacy and risk of eavesdropping on a conversation, but then realising you’re part of it and always were.”
Luke Kennard